I consider myself both an artist and a designer.  I am a perfectionist that thrives off the process of creation.  I am self-motivated and possess a strong work ethic. I seek to find balance in both my art and design work.  My fine arts work often highlights the contrast of vibrant colors and the voids of black and white; My design work is often clean and precise. I also enjoy problem solving, design research and design facilitation.  I am a creative person at my core and have a deep need to spend my life being some sort of maker.  


I feel that the degree in visual communications and design that I am currently working on will help me on this journey.  Since beginning college-level studies, my work has continued to be eclectic.  However, my work has become more refined and developed overall.  As I learn new skills, I plan to continue to integrate both worlds and further develop my eye for detail.


Kristalynn Dugan

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